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A full list of publications with web links can be viewed in Google Scholar.

Selected Research Articles

  • Sun Q#, Buss EW, Jiang YQ, Santoro B, Brann DH, Nicholson DA, Siegelbaum SA#. (2021) Frequency-dependent synaptic dynamics differentially tune CA1 and CA2 pyramidal neuron responses to cortical input. J Neurosci41(39):8103-8110#co-corresponding author.

  • Sun Q#, Jiang YQ, Lu MC. (2020) Topographic heterogeneity of intrinsic excitability in mouse hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neurons. J Neurophysiol. 124 (4):1270-1284. #corresponding author.

  • Teixeira CM*, Rosen ZB*, Suri P, Sun Q, Hersh M, Sargin D, Dincheva I, Morgan AA, Spivack S, Krok AC, Hirschfeld-Stoler T, Lambe EK, Siegelbaum SA, Ansorge MS. (2018) Hippocampal 5-HT input regulates memory formation and Schaffer collateral excitation. Neuron. 98 (5):992-1004. *contributed equally.

  • Sun Q#, Sotayo A, Cazzulino AS, Snyder AM, Denny CA, Siegelbaum SA#. (2017) Proximodistal heterogeneity of hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neuron intrinsic properties, connectivity and reactivation during memory recall. Neuron. 95 (3):656-672. #co-corresponding author.

  • Srinivas KV, Buss EW, Sun Q, Santoro B, Takahashi H, Nicholson DA, Siegelbaum SA. (2017) The dendrites of CA2 and CA1 pyramidal neurons differentially regulate information flow in the cortico-hippocampal circuit. J Neurosci. 37 (12) 3276-3293.

  • Sun Q#, Srinivas KV, Sotayo A, Siegelbaum SA#. (2014) Dendritic Na+ spikes enable cortical input to drive action potential output from hippocampal CA2 pyramidal neurons. eLife. 3: doi:10.7554/eLife.04551. #co-corresponding author.

  • Tatavarty V*, Sun Q*, Turrigiano GG. (2013) How to scale down postsynaptic strength. J Neurosci. 33 (32):13179-13189. *contributed equally.

  • Sun Q, Turrigiano GG. (2011) PSD-95 and PSD-93 play critical but distinct roles in synaptic scaling up and down. J Neurosci. 31 (18):6800-8.

  • Ibata K*, Sun Q*, Turrigiano GG. (2008) Rapid synaptic scaling induced by changes in postsynaptic firing. Neuron. 57 (6):819-26. *contributed equally.

  • Sun Q*, Xing GG*, Tu HY, Han JS, Wan Y. (2005) Inhibition of hyperpolarization-activated current (Ih) suppresses ectopic discharges from injured dorsal root ganglion neurons in a rat model of neuropathic pain. Brain Res. 1032(1-2):63-69. *contributed equally.

  • Sun Q*, Tu HY*, Xing GG, Han JS, Wan Y. (2005) Ectopic discharges from injured nerve fibers are highly correlated with tactile allodynia only in early, but not late, stage in rats with spinal nerve ligation. Exp Neurol. 191(1):128-136. *contributed equally.

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